Spend The Holidays With 13DE MARZO: The Nostalgic Streetwear Brand Of The Year

13DE MARZO was founded in 2018 with the intention of bringing nostalgia into luxury streetwear for young adults. The brand has accomplished this by combining teddy bears with high-fashion designs. 13DE MARZO has stood out against the multitudes of luxury streetwear brands that have emerged in recent years because of their incorporation of nostalgic brands and characters from our childhoods in their collections.

Nostalgia is a big factor in 13DE MARZO’s brand philosophy. The brand’s motto is “love is all around,” and each piece of clothing features the 13DE MARZO teddy bear or a plushie of an iconic character from a childhood brand. Past collections include Looney Tunes, Care Bears, and Sesame Street. 13DE MARZO has also collaborated with brands that have iconic pop culture moments including NASA, Smiley, and League of Legends. Recently, 13DE MARZO also collaborated with Sanrio to feature Hello Kitty and Kuromi in their designs.

13DE MARZO’s newest collaboration is with Coca-Cola, a brand which exudes American pop culture. 13DE MARZO x Coca-Cola highlights the iconic red and black associated with Coca-Cola products and features Coca-Cola bottles, cans, and bottle caps. This collection was highly anticipated by 13DE MARZO fans and has since been a hit with multiple pieces being sold out.

13DE MARZO has grown in popularity due to their collaborations. With each collaboration, 13DE MARZO stays true to the brand it is collaborating with by highlighting colors and elements associated with the character. This way, each collection stands out while still being united with the classic 13DE MARZO touch.

These collections remind fans of brands from their youth, and they encourage fans to reconnect with their childhood self. In addition, the designs are unique and feel personal, ensuring everyone who wears a piece from 13DE MARZO feels special and confident. The brand allows fashion lovers to join multiple interests like childhood characters, pop culture, and high fashion to break barriers and stand out.

Although the brand has become known and loved due to their interesting collaborations, 13DE MARZO stands out on its own. This year, the brand debuted at London Fashion Week with its Spring/Summer 2024 collection. This ready-to-wear line featured a variety of designs including jeans, leather, suits, and more.

To celebrate Christmas, 13DE MARZO is releasing a limited-edition holiday collection. The brand hopes to create a festive atmosphere by incorporating Christmas elements such as Christmas trees, reindeer, snowmen, and stars in a more three-dimensional form on the clothing. This collection will also include hats, scarves, crossbody bags, and headbands, among other trendy accessories.

With the upcoming holiday season, many are wondering what gifts to give their loved ones. Luxury streetwear is a always popular choice for many and 13DE MARZO is the perfect brand. In addition to the high-quality and eye-catching pieces made by the brand, the designs feature plushies and teddy bears which are the epitome of holiday cheer. The combination of these toys with nostalgic brands and out-of-the-box designs makes for a perfect gift for anyone who loves fashion.

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