R3 President Kathleen Frankie Launches 90 Day Challenge

R3 Stem Cell is launching its new 90 Day Challenge on January 15 to raise awareness for health issues and educate people on better ways to support their wellness. Participants will get access to fitness videos, medical provider guest speakers, Zoom cooking classes, and social media challenges with exciting prizes. Some prizes include Wellness Stem Cell Infusions (valued at $7500), one-on-one wellness coaching with an R3 medical provider, a $300 Amazon gift card, and many more! Participants will be selected for prizes based on the amount of engagement they get on social media, the most improvements they got from joining challenges, and sharing the ways that the program changed their lives.

Kathleen Frankie

“We want to make sure we are addressing someone’s overall health,” says Kathleen “Frankie” Francesca, one of the R3 medical partners. “We will tackle mental wellness as well as physical wellness. We want to also create a movement so we can have these challenges on a more annual basis.”

The challenge is split into 13 weeks, with each week dedicated to a different wellness topic relating to mental and physical health. Some themes include supplements and nutrition, stress reduction, hormonal issues, preventative care, physical activity, and changing habits. Guest speakers, brand ambassadors, and R3 medical providers will share vital information for each of these topics. Some brand ambassadors that will be participating include UFC fighter Mark Coleman; All My Children actors Cameron Mathison, Colin Egglesfield, and Aidan Turner; model and luxury lifestyle concierge Patrick Hazelwood; Sabrina the Teenage Witch actor Andrew Walker; Days of Our Lives and 90210 actor Trevor Donovan; Little West Pressed Juice founder Cassandra Walker; and Glow Up actress Crystal Lowe.

Some R3 medical providers who will be sharing information include Dr. Neville Campbell, a pain management and faculty doctor at The Center for Wellness and Pain Care of Las Vegas; Brandi Zimbelman, a functional medicine specialist; Dr. Gerald Morris, a pain management doctor from Tucson; and Dr. Khan Nguyen, a regenerative medicine specialist. Dr. Neville Campbell provides pain relief for different conditions including cancers, chronic pain, and injuries. Dr. Brandi Zimbelman, who is also the owner of Optimal Health and Wellness, will share her passion for finding the root causes of disease instead of only addressing symptoms.

Besides the 90 Day Challenge, R3 has a lot more going on! “We’re gonna be hosting a fundraiser for a school district on February 21,” continues Frankie. “We are also in the process of planning the grand opening for the Nashville location. And we are partnering up with a provider to open a location in Johannesburg, so we are actually expanding there and seeing patients there in South Africa.”

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