Beyond Beauty: The Multifaceted Life of a Fashion Icon and Philosopher

In the world of high fashion and glitz, Anna De Bekkar stands out not only as a top model and a beacon of elegance but also as an emblem of hard work, integrity, and kindness. Her journey in the fashion industry is a remarkable blend of relentless dedication and creative excellence, making her a unique and inspirational figure.

De Bekkar, celebrated for her appearances on the covers of prestigious magazines like L’OFFICIEL, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, and others, is more than just a face in the crowd. She is a workaholic with a deep commitment to her profession, seamlessly juggling multiple roles that extend beyond the runway. Her academic prowess is equally impressive, holding a Doctor of Philosophy degree, which adds an intellectual depth to her persona in the often superficial world of fashion.

Participation in global fashion shows across Moscow, Paris, and Milan, and her regular appearances in international glossies, showcase her enduring appeal and versatility. Despite her hectic schedule and numerous accolades, De Bekkar is known for her immensely kind heart and respect for others’ hard work. This humility sets her apart in an industry often criticized for its arrogance and superficiality.

Anna’s approach to life and work is grounded in a strong sense of purpose. She knows what she wants to achieve and, more importantly, understands the reasons behind her ambitions. This clarity in her vision is coupled with a powerful character, a woman who not only believes in her own abilities but also in the fundamental goodness of others.

Her beauty is not just skin deep; behind the glamorous façade lies a woman of integrity, with a strong character and a deep-seated faith in herself and in kindness. Anna De Bekkar is not just a model; she is a role model, an individual who embodies the true essence of beauty, intelligence, and compassion. Her story is a reminder that in a world often obsessed with external appearances, the most enduring qualities are those of the heart and mind.

Credits :

Model Тop Model: Anna De Bekkar: @annadebekkar 

Brands :@chanelofficial


Fashion Stylist: Marina  Dobrova Milano: @marina.dobrova.stylist

Fashion Muah:Anna Verzeroli @annaverzeroli_mua

Fashion Photographer:Anastasia Pavlova @anastasia.pavlovva

ArtPh Eugenie  Vayshnur @lander_vayshnur

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