Who is Kara the Vampire Slayer? YouTube’s Newest Success Story

YouTube used to be the quick path to stardom, but it isn’t as easy anymore. Back in the 2010s, YouTube stars were in excess, and starting out was as simple as hitting ‘Record’ and ‘Upload’ and finding an audience. Now, the game is a little more complicated, making new YouTube stars few and far between. 

But this story is not the same for new YouTube star Kara the Vampire Slayer. With some inside intel into how to build a brand, Kara the Vampire Slayer was able to create a solid platform on YouTube in just a couple of years. Now, she is able to call content creation her full-time job. Let’s discuss YouTube’s newest star!

Who is Kara the Vampire Slayer? YouTube’s New Star

Kara the Vampire Slayer started out as a casino worker. Though her job was on camera, she was completely unaccustomed to how posting YouTube videos worked and how to build a brand. Through the help of her husband, the creator of ‘Before They Were Famous,’ Kara the Vampire Slayer was given the guidance that she needed. 

But, the work was all her own. Consistency is key on YouTube, and Kara the Vampire Slayer built her channel Famous Entertainment from the ground up. Amassing millions of views looks easy for Kara the Vampire Slayer, but she insists that it is hard work. One of the many negatives that come with working as a content creator is that you have to put your best foot forward every day, even on days that you don’t feel like filming. 

On the plus side, she loves creating content and has even started to venture into content creation off of YouTube. Building her brand is a multi-platform endeavor, so content needs to be posted on numerous platforms in order to stay relevant in this online climate, which means that hard work is involved. 

We look forward to seeing what Kara the Vampire Slayer creates next!

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