Wednesday Addams makeup is popular on TikTok; here’s how to recreate it.

Wednesday Addams is having a breakthrough. Jenna Ortega portrays the role in Wednesday, a new Netflix comedy that has spent the previous week at the top of the streaming site.

People are trying to emulate Ortega’s Wednesday dancing skills as well as her makeup, with the keyword “Wednesday Addams makeup” generating an amazing 41 million views on TikTok.

Ortega is seen in the program with smeared black eyeliner around her eyes and a rich plum lip color on her lips. She accessorizes with Wednesday’s distinctive long black braids.

One video, with almost 400,000 views, shows user @melybaby.1 attempting to mimic the look by moisturizing her skin and adding a little foundation. Then then contours her cheeks to make them seem more defined and hollowed out, and she uses a light red eyeshadow colour below her eyes to give the appearance of under eye bags.

Mel completes the look with soft brown eyeshadow to create a smoky eye, black winged eyeliner on both her eyelid and under her eye, and a plum lip color.

Other viewers quickly commented on the video, with one wondering what Mel used to darken beneath her eyes, to which Mel replied that she used the Revolution mega bronzer.

Others remarked that now that dark under eye circles had “become chic,” “their time has come.”

Cat Quinn, a “trend whisperer,” disclosed the precise lip color used on Ortega to achieve Wednesday’s look.

Quinn asserts, “I’m the first one to know Jenna Ortega’s precise lip color in Wednesday.” Wednesday is wearing a MAC lip pencil in Nightmoth (£18) with clear [lip] balm, according to makeup artist Tara McDonald.”

Quinn disclosed the items Ortega uses under her eyes in subsequent videos, including MAC script (£17) on the top and under her eye, MAC carbon (£17) as an eyeliner, and smeared MAC carbon and glitch in the matrix (£17) on the top lash line to get a smoky eye effect.

Quinn adds McDonald used a translucent tinted foundation as Ortega’s base to avoid covering up her natural freckles. She then created the “half dead” look with MAC sculpt powder (£18) and MAC shadowed powder (£18).

Who says you have to wait until Halloween to embrace your inner goth? This Christmas is witnessing a soft goth revival, and we’re not complaining.

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