Gigi Hadid Is Supportive of Selena Gomez Dating Ex Zayn Malik, Says Insider

In the world of celebrity gossip, there are always rumors and speculations about who’s dating whom and who’s friends with whom. One such rumor that has been making the rounds lately is that Selena Gomez might be interested in dating Zayn Malik, the ex-boyfriend of supermodel Gigi Hadid.

While many fans have been curious about how Gigi Hadid would react to this news, an insider close to the model recently revealed to Us Weekly that she has no problem with it at all. According to the insider, as long as Malik is happy and stable and continues to be a good co-parent to their daughter Khai, Hadid is fine with whoever he goes out with.

It’s clear that Hadid has moved on from her relationship with Malik, as the source explains that she’s “having fun” when it comes to her romantic life. The couple had been on and off for seven years before calling it quits in 2021, and it seems that Hadid is ready to move forward.

While it’s not confirmed whether or not Selena Gomez is actually interested in dating Malik, it’s good to know that Hadid would be supportive of their relationship if it were to happen. After all, as long as everyone involved is happy and respectful, there’s no reason for anyone to have a problem with it.

Of course, this is all just hearsay at this point, and it’s important to take rumors with a grain of salt. Regardless of who Malik decides to date in the future, it’s clear that he and Hadid are committed to co-parenting their daughter and maintaining a positive relationship with each other.

It’s always refreshing to see celebrities handling breakups and co-parenting in a mature and respectful manner, and it’s great to see that Hadid is putting her daughter’s happiness and well-being first. We wish all parties involved the best of luck in their future endeavors, romantic or otherwise.

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