Gucci Mane “couldn’t stand” Nicki Minaj, according to Deb Antney, since she wouldn’t bed him.

On Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast, music manager Deb Antney revealed that Gucci Mane “couldn’t stand” Nicki Minaj at one point because he couldn’t sleep with her. Gucci Mane was a former client of Gucci Mane, according to some of the stories Deb Antney has told about him and Nicki Minaj.

What harmed me, you know? Antney said, before elaborating on Gucci’s distaste for her. He disliked Nicki because he was unable to fk her. He didn’t care for her. Because of their history of conflict, Antney didn’t understand why Minaj would praise the “Lemonade” rapper and include him on her 2017 song “Make Love,” considering that “he done nothing for her.” “And it was crazy for you to praise what Gucci did with these thumbs up. He hasn’t done anything for Nicki, and he doesn’t even like her. Deb also mentioned that Gucci “had a tantrum” once after she included Minaj in a song. Gucci claimed in the song “Sex In Crazy Places” from 2013 that he was romantically involved with Minaj. “May God strike me dead if I ever had sex with that dude,” the Young Money representative tweeted in response. Lmfaoooooooooo. Nia how you guys are set up, #BubbaGump #Crackhead.”

The “Nothin’ on Ya” rapper eventually offered his regrets to others he had mistreated in the past, but not Nicki. The two did work together on Minaj’s “Make Love” single, though, four years later.
Along with Nicki and Gucci, Antney supported the careers of OJ Da Juiceman, French Montana, and Waka Flocka Flame.
Because we are family, she added, “I wanted them all to work together.” Therefore, we must all be present. None of these can be it.
However, she remarked of Gucci Mane’s conduct as a musician and businessman, “He’s very selfish, he’s very much to himself.” I’m not even sure how you manage to sign performers.
A true artist will never allow someone to surpass them in stature, she continued. I’ve never been a fan of musicians signing other artists.
The co-hosts and seasoned music manager then took a slight detour to talk about how Nicki rarely thanks Georgia while thanking those that helped her succeed.
All of these things happened, and you said nothing, like nothing, Antney exclaimed. Georgia did a lot of things for you.
The host followed up by assuaging Deb’s allegations by pointing out that other musicians have spoken about their condition, despite Minaj never bringing up Antney’s name in any of her talks. The 60-year-old, who doesn’t spend a lot of time on social media, claimed that unless someone actively alerts her to what’s going, she “hardly sees what goes” with Nicki.
I don’t even have to be close to her; I’m not even angry, Deb replied coolly. But I’ve always said to everyone of them, “If we never get big in this music, that’s fine, but don’t leave me.”

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