How Ziwe, the Ultimate Pisces, Prepped for the Miu Miu Show

Ziwe Fumudoh, known professionally as Ziwe, has taken the world by storm with her witty and irreverent sense of humor. As a Pisces, she is known for her artistic nature, intuitive abilities, and love of escapism. And what better way to celebrate Pisces season than by attending the Miu Miu fashion show in Paris?

Ziwe has been a rising star in the entertainment industry, gaining notoriety for her viral Instagram Live show, “Baited with Ziwe,” during the pandemic. She has since gone on to write for shows like “Desus & Mero” and “Our Flag Means Death,” as well as host her own talk show, “Ziwe,” on Showtime.

But for now, it’s all about the Miu Miu show. So how did Ziwe prepare for the big event? She took to Instagram to share a glimpse into her pre-show routine, and it’s safe to say she’s the ultimate Pisces.

First things first, Ziwe started her day with a luxurious bubble bath. As a water sign, Pisces are often drawn to all things aquatic, so it’s no surprise that Ziwe would indulge in some watery relaxation before the big event.

Next, she took a moment to meditate. Pisces are known for their intuition and spiritual nature, so it makes sense that Ziwe would take some time to center herself before the hustle and bustle of fashion week.

And of course, no pre-show routine is complete without the perfect outfit. Ziwe showed off her glamorous ensemble, featuring a Miu Miu dress and matching headband, in a series of Instagram photos.

But beyond the fashion, it’s clear that Ziwe is truly excited to be at the show. She captioned one of her photos with, “I’m in Paris and I’m at Miu Miu and I’m thriving.” Pisces are often dreamers and escapists, so being at a fashion show in the fashion capital of the world is undoubtedly a dream come true for Ziwe.

As the show approaches, it’s clear that Ziwe is ready to embrace all the creativity, glamour, and escapism that comes with being a Pisces. With her infectious sense of humor and love of all things artistic, it’s no surprise that she’s taken the entertainment industry by storm. And with her Miu Miu outfit on point, there’s no doubt she’s ready to take on Paris fashion week.

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