Justin Bieber exacts retribution

Posh Spice turns 40, Justin Bieber responds to a one-sided feud he’s been in, and TMZ investigates homosexual parties in Los Angeles are all covered in today’s rumour roundup.

What form of feud is the most fascinating? a situation akin to Hatfields and McCoys, where the stakes are actually life and death and last for countless generations? a music industry war similar to the one between East Coast and West Coast rap artists in the 1990s, which ultimately also included life and death situations? In fact, I contend that this kind of feud—between two former child stars who are now sort of grown men—is the most intriguing. It takes place on Twitter and Instagram. That’s drama right there, I suppose. the actors? Drake Bell, a little less young man whom you probably haven’t heard of, and Justin Bieber, a young man whom I’m sure you have heard of.

Bell, who had appeared on the well-liked children’s television programme Drake & Josh, is now an aspiring singer. With slightly more than three million Twitter followers, he still has a sizable fan base from that previous show. who he frequently communicates with. And a lot of the time he’s ranting about how ungrateful and undeserving celebrities like Justin Bieber are. Drake Bell has a long history of making comments like this against Justin Bieber on Twitter.
A surprising guest attended Drake Bell’s album release party last night at the Grove in Los Angeles (having a record release party at the Grove is very, very cool). That visitor? Bieber Justin Drew. Justin pulled up to the restaurant in a Sprinter, naturally freaking up the entire crowd outside, and posted a picture of it to Instagram with the caption, “So good seeing my fans at the grove tonight.” Okay, so maybe he wasn’t aware that Drake Bell was hosting a party there, you may reason. But he was aware. With the caption “Why is @justinbieber sprinter vehicle receiving more attention than my album release party,” he then posted another Instagram picture of Bell’s back as he observed the gathering around the Sprinter van like it was Dawn of the Dead. Burrrrrrrn. In fact, it was so badly burned that Bieber later deleted it. However, I’m intrigued by how he acquired the image of Bell. He must have obtained it from a supporter! That is dedication to the burn.

So Justin Bieber finally responded to Drake Bell’s relentless harangue, and I must say, it was a really amazing response in terms of utterly caustic responses. Yes, Bell may not be using the same statistic as Bieber when he equates success with the number of teenage females who catch fire when you drive by, but even so, Bieber uses that metre. He was being mocked on Twitter by a person who is seven years his senior, so he retaliated in an equally petty way. I think it’s all fairly humorous. Drake expressed his appreciation in a tweet that read, “@justinbieber bro! I appreciate you coming to my party. I was unaware that you were below; I’m sorry they refused to let you in! ought to have hmu! Which, I suppose, is a suitable reply. But even so. Drake Bell, you were severely burned after being burned. You were begging for it, and I can’t say otherwise. [TMZ]

Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham, celebrated her 40th birthday yesterday. Yes, my dear cosmonauts, this odd adventure through space and time has brought us to the point where a Spice Girl is a 40-year-old mother of four kids, one of whom is a teenager. Posh Spice is entering middle age, which implies that we are all still in our teens, but don’t worry, Posh Spice is 40! She then shared a photo of herself and her husband, David Beckham, who was not wearing a shirt, on Twitter as a way to celebrate. Posh Spice spending quality time with her younger, shirtless spouse. Oh, that’s nice. Even though it serves as a frightening reminder of mortality—her mortality, since the rest of us are miraculously all still teenagers—also it’s pleasant. Birthday greetings Posh
Following the sexual assault case brought against filmmaker Bryan Singer, TMZ has combed through the archives of previous parties in the entertainment industry and discovered a pattern of successful homosexual men in Hollywood hosting parties where the main draw is hot young males. Of course, it is a very awful thing and merits being brought to light if those men are minors and a situation like the claimed one with Singer happens. Nevertheless, I find it intriguing because what TMZ is essentially portraying—handsome young men being enlisted by party promoters to attend a private home party, albeit it was attended by hundreds of people, so it wasn’t that private—is any old party on Entourage or at the actual Playboy mansion. Not that it makes it OK, mind you! Just that there is suddenly a lot of hand-wringing about how powerful older actors in Hollywood often sexually dominate younger actors. It almost seems as though the fact that they are gay events makes them look more risqué. But that’s not the case. No, there must be another explanation. Once more, the Singer situation in particular is a unique one. But sadly, it’s not really news when young people are brought to a Hollywood party where the elder guests are wealthy and influential and the younger guests are attractive. TMZ

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