Ten years after her tragic death, Jenni Rivera’s children pay tribute to the late singer with the song “I Need My Mom.”

Ten years without the legendary singer have left Jenni Rivera’s family struggling to “wrap [their] heads around.”

On Friday, it will have been ten years since the untimely death of the 43-year-old Mexican-American singer in a plane crash in 2012. Four of her five children posted heartfelt comments on social media in honour of the anniversary.

Chiquis, 37, posted a flashback image of herself and her mother Jenni and wrote in the opening of the post, “3,650 days without you. How!!? When?? Why!!!? ….”

“The time is 1:41 AM PST. … on this day ten years ago, you were travelling at the exact moment I was in Vegas, missing you. I sensed your presence… and that night’s heartache is something I’ll always remember. It’s comparable to how I’m feeling right now, “she put pen to paper. “I foolishly assumed that since it has been 10 years, it would be a little easier today. However, it seems to weigh more. It hurts to even think that I’ve gone ten complete years without you. I am terribly missing you. and it appears that will never alter. My mother is necessary. I need your advice. Your hugs. Your assistance”
She then said, “I PROMISE to keep my siblings close to one another no matter how many years pass or what occurs. I am aware of how significant that was to you… and I’m aware that’s the finest way for me to respect your memory and your legacy.”

The oldest of her siblings, Chiquis, ended the message by adding, “It is an honour to be your first born,” and, “I love you, forever.”
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“We have progressed without you thus far only through God’s mercy. Momma, I sincerely hope you spend the next ten years in heaven because I am incredibly grateful for your rest and tranquilly. But I can’t help but to be self-centered and reflect on how difficult it has been without you. If we could only feel your hug tonight, even for just a few seconds, it would be enough to keep us going “she put pen to paper.
Jenicka, 25, posted a black-and-white video of Jenni singing while seated at a dining room table. She also posted a picture of herself as a little child with the “No Llega el Olvido” singer.

“A decade without your grin, your humour, and all in between. I can still feel my heart hurting when I am nervous on a flight, at a family barbecue, or when your grandchildren call your name and all I can do is smile to hide how much it hurts “she put pen to paper. “I give thanks to God for the brief time I spent with you and the lessons I was able to absorb. I appreciate you for being my mother, a badass, and a role model for others. As much as it hurts, I will always adore you, pinche persona, and I won’t even try to forget you.”
Johnny, 21, uploaded a carousel of images with his mother and opened his post by quoting, I ain’t seen the sun shine in 10 damn years.”

“to think I only had her for eleven years. to imagine that one day I’ll have spent more of my life without her than with her. When I was younger, I became upset about it, especially because I nearly boarded the plane with her “Her youngest son, Johnny, wrote. “I used to be upset with God for sparing me from being around both her and my father. Ten years later, I’ve discovered through my grieving that harbouring resentment and animosity may be harmful to your health. It is poison.”

He said, “I’ve discovered that, as corny as it may sound, God truly does have everything lined up perfectly, even in the darkest hours of your life. I’ve come to realise how fortunate I am in every way. Thank you, God, for the eleven years I spent with her; they were truly fantastic.”

The music I’ll be drinking to today is “Vaciando Botellas” by Fidel Rueda, and I love you, mama Duke, he wrote in Spanish as the post’s final sentence.
Jenni was the mother of 31-year-old Michael in addition to Jenicka, Jacqie, Chiquis, and Johnny.

The Long Beach-born singer was well-known for songs like “Inolvidable,” “Basta Ya,” and “La Gran Seora.” She was one of the first ladies to perform narcocorridos. She also had her own reality television series, I Love Jenni, which aired on Universo.

In addition, Mariposa de Barrio, a biographical telenovela about Rivera’s life on Telemundo, was inspired by her life.

On December 9, 2012, Rivera’s jet crashed near Monterrey, Mexico, after losing communication 15 minutes into their journey to Toluca for an appearance on the Mexican edition of The Voice. Six other passengers perished in the incident along with Rivera.

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