With thigh-length extensions, Cardi B modernised a classic 1990s hairstyle.

Cardi B led the American Music Awards last year as host, guiding us through the night in a variety of ostentatious costumes with long nude nails, a blunt mullet that cascaded beyond her bum, and a dramatic neutral cut crease. The rapper, who was born and raised in the Bronx, returned to the AMAs stage this year with hair that was still long but done in a spikey half-updo with a feigned side bang.
Together with Memphis rapper Glorilla, Cardi B performed “Tomorrow 2” at the awards show on November 20. Both featured long jet-black hair that fell to their knees, and they were both dressed in similar dresses in strikingly different colours: Cardi B’s was baby blue, while Glorilla’s was brilliant yellow. Cardi B had her hair half-up as an homage to the ’90s, while Glorilla had her hair simply parted on the side with slicked baby hairs.
An area of Cardi’s front hair was slicked across her forehead by hairstylist Tokyo Stylez, who has known the rapper and has worked closely with her for years. With the ends protruding above her head, she pulled several sections of her jet-black hair into a half ponytail. Using a GHD Curve Soft Curl Iron, Stylez softly curled the tips of those hairpieces.

The tightly wound hair strands that are encircling one another at the base of the updo can be seen if you look attentively. She had dark hair that was so lustrous it shone more brilliantly than the icicle chain around her neck. With the use of a GHD Platinum+ Styler, Stylez straightened the hair.
For the American Music Awards, Cardi B opted for inches on inches rather than the short cut that was coupled with this edgy hairdo in the 1990s, and we’re appreciative of her decision.

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