The Fashion Philanthropist of the year 2022, Justin Haynes (Jus10h), makes his name count in the fashion realm and how.

GLAM : Top Influencer From World
GLAM : Top Influencer From World

The Fashion Lifestyle Icon, and the owner of his brand Jus10H, is also among the Top 10 out of 1,000 Top influencers on TEDx.

Justin Haynes, rather than being only a dreamer, has been a believer in his dreams and in his actions. He not only chased his dreams when he started out his journey in the world of fashion but also made sure to put in the required actions to turn those dreams into a beautiful reality. So, did all of this happen overnight for him? Definitely not. He believes that success that is achieved overnight may or may not be long-lasting, but the success that is made from the ground up is that which may remain forever if one continues to hone his/her skills and learn new things along the process to implement the same in their work, just like he did. That’s what he believes helped him turn from an ordinary fashion designer to become the Fashion Lifestyle Icon, owning his one-of-a-kind brand Jus10H (

Besides owning the successfully running Jus10H, his custom designer fashion brand, he also runs Onyx, his luxury label, which also radiates his brilliance as a fashion head. Today, more than anything, Justin Haynes, for the phenomenal work he has consistently done with several of his globally-recognized fashion collections and campaigns while also working as a fashion coach, has been recognized as The Fashion Philanthropist of the year 2022. Not just that, he has stunned people, becoming the Top 10 out of 1,000 Top influencers on TEDx, which is yet another talked-about feat he achieved.

Recently, Justin Haynes released his newest collection, THE DENIM PROJECT on CFDA, which was a collection for building awareness and helping patients with Multiple Sclerosis. It went ahead in receiving great reviews and rightly deserved attention. Especially on TikTok, they did exceedingly well, receiving over 50K views, 11.9K likes and 1,000 saves. The Fashion Lifestyle Icon is also called one because he goes beyond doing business in fashion and makes sure to coach and train students worldwide from Ukraine, Singapore, London, Asia, India, China, UK and more.

Not just that, he also teaches to college students every summer and to local students about the fundamentals of fashion. As a brand owner and fashionpreneur, he ensures to stay committed to his models and team while also providing them with the right opportunities to up their game in fashion.

Justin Haynes (@theofficialjus10h), who has been a celebrated fashionpreneur across top media outlets and has received so many incredible awards and accolades, is glad he works in an industry that challenges him constantly and instils more enthusiasm in him to get better each day.

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