A New Era in Global Investments: Introducing Ariah Ventures

Founded by the Visionary Duo, Dr. Ashrant Malhotra and Ritu B. Malhotra

In the ever-evolving world of business, a new name emerges as a beacon of hope for start-ups and established brands alike: Ariah Ventures (AV). Established in 2021, this investment firm is the brainchild of Dr. Ashrant Malhotra and his accomplished wife and business partner, Ritu B. Malhotra.

Drawing from their vast reservoir of over four decades of combined experience in global management and international business, the Malhotras aim to carve a unique niche in the investment sector with AV. Their focus sectors encompass a rich tapestry of industries, including publishing, technology, and hospitality.

Ritu B. Malhotra, the Managing Partner of Ariah Ventures, encapsulates the ethos of the company beautifully. “We’re looking for innovation, hard work, and promise. Our criteria are stringent, but this ensures that we channel our energies and resources solely towards those companies that exude the potential for success. The underlying principle is to invest in founders and teams that are equipped with the drive, vision, and ambition to propel their ventures forward,” she elucidates.

Ariah Ventures is not just about providing financial backing. It’s about building brands, fostering growth, and nurturing potentials to their zenith. With a motto of “Building brands that last,” they are on the lookout for unique opportunities, from promising start-ups to notable international investments in fields like publishing, technology, and even luxury real estate.

For those interested in tracking the journey of Ariah Ventures and exploring their diverse portfolio, they’ve made it easy. You can follow them on their official handle @ARIAH.VENTURES or dive deeper into their initiatives and accomplishments at their website, www.ariahventures.com.

As they embark on this remarkable journey, one thing is for certain: with the dynamic leadership of the Malhotras and the keen focus of Ariah Ventures, the world of global investments is set to witness some transformative changes. Start-ups and businesses worldwide, take note: this is an opportunity not to be missed!

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