Lorrie Limjoco’s New Beginnings

Lorrie Limjoco
Lorrie Limjoco

A girl who came from a small town in the Philippines is living her American Dream. As a little girl, she would always see airplanes and ask herself where they were going. From that time on, she realized that everything has its own destination. After working as a healthcare administrator for about ten years, Lorrie Limjoco is ready to embark on new entrepreneurial endeavors in the world of health, wellness, and beauty. From being a healthcare administrator to being a business woman now, she finally found her own destination with a purpose. 

After only three months of working toward her business goals, she exceeded them and set new company records. With the freedom and accessibility of running her own business operations, she is vastly enjoying the extra time that she gets to spend with her husband and their daughter. She is also excited to use her profits to help her family in the Philippines. 

“As of right now, we only have four products,” shares Lorrie. “We have coffee, black garlic, Black Garlic Extract, and essential oils. We have three more coming, and I’m currently working on getting more distributors in different places. It’s really exciting– I’m traveling more and I really love to travel!” 

For Lorrie, the glitz and the glamor are non-negotiables. Lorrie’s passion for the finer things in life have allowed her to start building her Instagram presence with an aesthetic that shows her most stylish looks. With a taste for everything luxurious, Lorrie knew that she had to work hard toward her goals in order to live the life she’s always dreamed of. Luckily, due to her natural affinity for salesmanship and her ability to befriend anyone, she has found a job that makes it feel so easy to work so hard. She knows that this new beginning marks the path that she was meant to be on all her life. She always knew that she was destined for bigger things, and she is so grateful to seize her current opportunities. 

“I’m so happy with the way everything has been going lately,” Lorrie continues. “My husband and I both work from home now, so we get to spend a lot of time together. My husband is my support system. Then, when we’re not working, we have more time to explore our own passions, too.”

With support from her family, Lorrie is excited to make a name for herself. As a full-time mom, wife, and businesswoman, she has a lot on her plate. But she always makes sure to make time for people around her. With a background as a breadwinner for her mom and her two brothers back home in the Philippines, she is excited to use her opportunities to help not only her family, but also her community. Now, she frequently donates food and money to her local church, showing others that the most important part of living a life of luxury is to help others who weren’t given the same opportunities. 

Lorrie is also working on other projects besides her philanthropic and business ventures. Inspired by her brother’s blogging platform, she is looking to start blogging as well. She is so excited to share her story and inspire others to chase success, regardless of their economic status growing up. As living proof of the power of the American Dream, Lorrie knows that she has reached the destination that she was always meant for, and she is so excited to continue turning her wildest dreams into reality while inspiring others to do so as well.

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