Joshua Stoneking: The Ghost of Natural Bodybuilding

A Champion in the Gym and the Classroom

Dr. Joshua Stoneking, a respected professional bodybuilder, has set himself apart from the crowd not just by his striking physical form, but also through his dedication to the principles of natural bodybuilding. Known in the field as “The Ghost,” Stoneking has built an illustrious career, all while earning impressive academic credentials and pursuing a passion for golf.

Since 2013, Stoneking has been a dominant figure in the Men’s Physique division, participating in 29 bodybuilding competitions and winning an impressive 11 championships. What makes these achievements even more remarkable is that he has done it all as a lifetime natural athlete, meaning he has never used performance-enhancing drugs to compete on the professional bodybuilding stages. This has earned him five professional cards across different bodybuilding organizations, a testament to his consistent performance and unyielding dedication to the sport.

Stoneking’s reserved approach to competition preparation has given him the nickname “The Ghost.” Renowned for quietly readying himself for each competition, he then appears, as if out of nowhere, on the stage on the day of the show. This stealth-like strategy has certainly worked, leading to numerous career highlights including being crowned Mr. West Virginia in 2015, securing back-to-back Southeast Pro titles in 2019-2020, and most recently winning the St Louis Pro and Thunder Classic in 2021. Furthermore, he has consistently placed in the top 10 in high-profile events like the Mr. Olympia, Mr. Universe, and WBFF Worlds competitions.

Off the stage, Stoneking is the proud face of All American Supplements, a leading manufacturer of high-quality, American-made supplements. As a sponsored athlete, he advocates for the importance of natural and healthy performance enhancement. In fact, Stoneking is currently dedicating his time and efforts in preparation for the Mr. America competition in October 2023.

Apart from his remarkable bodybuilding career, Stoneking is a scholar. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology and a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree, both from West Virginia University School of Medicine. Furthermore, he completed his PGY-1 residency training at Indian River Medical Center in Vero Beach, Florida.

Stoneking’s interests are not limited to the gym and academics, however. He is also a keen golfer, having picked up the sport around 10 years ago while in pharmacy school. Today, he plays with a 12-handicap, constantly aiming for consistency on the course.

Follow Joshua Stoneking’s journey, both in bodybuilding and beyond, on his Instagram @theonlystoney. His profile is a testament to his commitment, offering a glimpse into the rigorous training, nutritional regime, and lifestyle of this natural bodybuilding champion.

The life and career of Joshua Stoneking are testaments to his dedication, discipline, and passion. Whether it’s bodybuilding, academics, or golf, “The Ghost” continues to inspire and show us that with the right mindset, the sky is the limit.

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