Dance Revolution: Pioneering the Future with Celebrated Choreographer Julia Okropiridze

The dance industry is in a state of constant transformation, propelled by fervent dedication, perseverance, and the integration of innovative trends and technologies. One remarkable trailblazer in this domain is Julia Okropiridze, a renowned choreographer, dance instructor, and dance enthusiast, whose career is marked by an array of notable accomplishments.

Some of Julia’s most distinguished achievements include winning a silver medal at the Eurovision Dance Show London, aired on the BBC, and forming a professional dance partnership with Ilya Sidorenko. She has competed in global events and been a part of esteemed projects such as Dancing with the Stars – 3 and Liga Champion. Julia has also collaborated with Austrian vocalist Manuela Ortega and featured in a commercial for the Novy TV channel alongside TV presenter Oleksandr Skichko. In 2014, Julia and her partner Yevgeny Lavrinov secured third place in the prestigious Big Dances competition.

In recent times, Julia has turned her attention towards spreading her love for dance by establishing her own dance academy and conducting Masterclasses around the globe. She took on the role of choreographer for the TV project Miss Lebanon in 2017 and participated in a photoshoot for American apparel brand Kosta with Yulia Sakhnevich, a contestant in the Dance Everybody TV project, in 2018.

Julia Okropiridze stresses the significance of emerging dancers staying abreast of the evolving trends in the dance world while upholding their principles, integrity, and originality. She contends that adopting this approach enables dancers and instructors to stay competitive and carve out their distinct paths to success.

As a multifaceted artist, Julia (@icyjulia) revels in fusing dance styles and urges dancers to continually learn and hone their skills. Her unwavering passion, enthusiasm, and innovative spirit inspire budding dancers, illustrating that a combination of hard work, dedication, and adaptability can pave the way to triumph in the ever-evolving realm of dance.

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