Bella Thorne’s extravagant LA home is on display here, and it includes a cannabis bar, a tiara drawer, and a “party shower.”

The features in Bella Thorne’s Los Angeles home are definitely unique.

The 25-year-old Shake It Up actress gave MTV Cribs a tour of her 6,654-square-foot, six-bedroom personal palace, complete with enormous flower displays and some pretty intriguing leisure areas.

Fake flowers cover a sculpture of a tree outside and climb up the walls of the foyer, the stairway, and some swings. “It is very irrational. It’s like getting a breath of fresh air “The latter, which drew inspiration from Alice in Wonderland, explains Thorne.
Her “hangout room,” which is furnished with a hot pink custom pool table, gold doors, a collection of dinosaur paintings, and a wall of suggestive slogans in neon lights, serves as the main living space inside.

She also directs the cameras to a location she designates as her “Who wants to smoke? dab bar,” which is a reference to the concentrated form of cannabis and is covered in fake vines. I do! “before to lighting.
Her next trip is the “Disco Room,” which features a super-deep sofa, wallpaper featuring a fictional villain, and a self-created piece of art.

If you look around, my sister and I created this glass shard installation, which is why I say “disco,” says Thorne. We turned on the clouds at night so that they would dance to the music and have lights inside of them, which is very, incredibly cool since we wanted the ceiling to have a galaxy vibe.
She then displayed her walk-in closet, her ever expanding shoe collection, and a separate pull-out drawer only for headwear: Yes, she acknowledged, “I do have a drawer for tiaras.”
As she guides the cameras into the spacious room, outfitted with a crystal chandelier, mirrored vanity, and soaking tub, she remarks, “My bathroom is bigger than my bedroom.”

Thorne steps into the spacious walk-in shower with glass walls and says, “event shower You understand what I mean,” followed by “Orgies!”

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