Beauty Queen Matilda Dahlin’s charismatic and appealing personality ups her game in modelling

She now aims to work along with top global brands like GUESS and many other international fashion brands.

Over the years, the world has been a witness to the rise of several men, professionals and artists who have stunned people around them and have also been celebrated for the same. How many times have we heard about women getting celebrated or gaining much momentum across fields? Well, things have definitely looked positive in the last few years, where more and more women have taken over almost all industries worldwide and have turned heads toward them and their impeccable work in their chosen niches. They have turned into true-blue professionals in their fields who have also gone ahead in inspiring so many other women out there who vie to make their mark in their industries. Beauty Queen Matilda Dahlin serves as one just great inspiration for them.

This passionate lady is a rising name in the modelling space across the US, and the kind of massive momentum she has created so far in her career has already ignited the fire in many other budding talents in the industry, especially women. Matilda Dahlin is an exceptional beauty who hailed from Sweden. She has never ceased to amaze people with her work as a model, a trendsetter in fashion and a rising social media personality. From starting her journey while in her senior year of high school at a beauty pageant to becoming a rising modelling figure in her career in the US, she has come a long way.

Matilda Dahlin is among those fascinating beauties who have worked with experts like Bill Jones and Orlando Perez. Her runway and modelling work, along with her work in music videos, has enthralled all in the creative and artistic industry. She not just stunned everyone by participating in LA Fashion Week but also turned heads working with some of the most revered personalities of Southern California, like Alexandria Bailey, a top celebrity and fashion photographer known for working with renowned models from the hit TV program America’s Next Top Model. Besides this, in 2011, she got contracts with One Source Talent in Beverly Hills and MyElite Model Talent Management in 2012.

Her growing presence in the entertainment space featuring in music videos and commercials like Dodge automobile commercial, the music video for the new single “All That Lady” featuring Lil Wayne, Jeremih, the video for Chris Brown’s “Episode” featuring E-40, The Game, and Fabulous, while also getting featured on well-known news publications and magazines like Vogue Italia, Fashion Faces, L’Officiel India and FHM India, to name a few have added more glory to her career.

Matilda Dahlin looks unstoppable in the modelling and entertainment niches and plans to do much more in the coming years and work with brands like GUESS while also managing her home as a mother to a 3-year-old and being a teacher.

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