The revelation by Ashley Tisdale that she had had alopecia since her early 20s: “Stress Is the Cause”

Our skin, hair, and nails can all suffer negatively from long-term stress. On January 11, Ashley Tisdale disclosed that she was diagnosed with alopecia in her early 20s as a result of intense pressure she experienced during her heyday as a Disney Channel star. She began a blog entry on Frenshe, the website for her wellness company, with, “A couple of months ago, while concurrently moving, commencing a house makeover, and launching a TV project, I noticed that a patch of my hair was starting to fall out.” It was only a small area behind my ear, nothing serious, but it was happening and not for the first time.

The Alopecia Experience of Ashley Tisdale

Tisdale revealed in an Instagram video that was also published on January 11 that she first spotted a bald spot near her hairline when she was in her early 20s. Her dermatologist gave her an alopecia diagnosis shortly after the consultation. Tisdale claims that the diagnosis most likely took place at the height of her “High School Musical” days.
The founder of Frenshe captioned the video, “Alopecia and hair loss are fairly common, however many individuals feel embarrassed to discuss about these difficulties. Any kind of hair loss can lower your self-esteem, particularly if you believe you’re the only person experiencing it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, which is why I want to discuss it publicly.
For certain people, alopecia and hair loss can be linked to hormones, underlying autoimmune illnesses, or heredity. For example, some women experience hair loss while pregnant. Since she began acting professionally when she was 12 years old, Tisdale, who is a child star, claimed that her personal condition is due to “stress overload.” She explained, “I was going through a pretty difficult time, and it’s autoimmune, and a lot of it is triggered by stress.” Thankfully, the hair grew back, as it always does, but I’ve found that [the alopecia] will return a few times in my life when I’ve experienced extremely stressful situations.

Tips From Ashley Tisdale For Managing Alopecia

Tisdale shared her own experiences and advice for dealing with the autoimmune condition in an effort to help others feel less alone. She stated in the video, “It can be worrisome even having [alopecia] and being like, ‘Oh my my, what if it becomes worse?'” Tisdale noted that she has found meditation and other stress-reduction methods to be helpful. It’s really important to understand what is a major deal vs not a big thing because a lot of the time, she said, “my cortisol is up because I sometimes put stress on myself for no reason.”
The most successful treatment for Tisdale has been platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, a course of injections of her own purified blood meant to stop hair loss. Injection therapy is frequently employed to treat injuries and hasten healing. She referred to the bald spot near her hairline and remarked, “I really had tried PRP on that spot a couple years ago. “It recovered incredibly quickly, and it has never once harmed that area again.” She continued, saying she recently had the procedure done on the area behind her ear and is hoping for similar outcomes. She continued, “I do find it is incredibly good for alopecia, although it is more of an expensive option.
The mother of one added that she also advises an autoimmune paleo diet for 30 days to stop flare-ups. This variation of the paleo diet also cuts out grains, eggs, and other foods that could lead to inflammation or hormonal abnormalities, in contrast to the standard paleo diet. According to Tisdale, each person’s experience with alopecia is distinct, and those who desire it should seek medical attention. In addition to stress reduction, WebMD notes that topical immunotherapy, corticosteroids, and the use of minoxidil, or Rogaine, are typical therapies for alopecia.

“That’s all I have done to help myself with times when I’m experiencing alopecia, and hopefully it helps you guys,” Tisdale stated as she put the video to an end. You are not alone if you suffer with it, so know that.

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