Lili Reinhart said she wants to see more real bodies on television for young people.

The Riverdale star opened up about her own challenges with body image today on Twitter.
Today on Twitter, Lili Reinhart opened up about her struggles with loving herself.

A fan slammed the Riverdale actress and her cast mates in a since-deleted post for playing teenagers with flawless bodies while they were “25+ years old,” saying that this was “contributing to false body ideals [and] body image issues.”

Lili answered by discussing her personal struggles with body image and reiterated that one of the main reasons she accepts to participate in scenes with little to no clothing is to demonstrate that not all bodies on television are ideal. Actually, not every contestant on this show has a flawless face. And occasionally, when I have bra/underwear situations, I feel threatened by the physique of my cast mates around me. Because of the expectations that people have for what women on television should look like, I’ve experienced a lot of insecurity. But I’ve accepted that I don’t look like the kind of person who would walk down a runway during fashion week and that my body is what it is. I have cellulite on my thighs and butt, bigger boobs, and my tummy sticks out rather than curves in,” she stated. “I continue to fight with this on a daily basis. And when I’m being compared to other ladies, it doesn’t help. Due to my sadness over the past two months, I have gained weight and have felt extremely insecure about it. But after acting in a recent bra and underwear scene, I felt it was my duty to be powerful and exude confidence in my appearance. I also want other young women to see my figure on TV and be reassured that I’m not a size 0. And I’m not exactly an hourglass.

Reinhart concluded the discussion by stating that there is still more work to be done in the film and television industries to better reflect the bodies of women (and men). “This industry has a hard time accurately portraying both male and female bodies. She then spoke to extended size model Charli Howard as “my favourite role model,” saying that they had “helped our business take a stride in the right – and authentic – path.”

The Hustlers star has already addressed body image issues. She denounced photo-editing apps on Instagram in November of last year. She wrote, “This is not acceptable.” “This is the cause of eating disorders in people. This is why social media has turned unhealthy for us. People have irrational expectations of their bodies because of this.

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