Meet Young CEO Gisella May Zimmer

Gisella May Zimmer is using her business, Elite Beauty Bar, to promote healthy standards of beauty as she encourages clients to love their own natural beauty.

Gisella May Zimmer created Elite Beauty Bar with the intention of creating a unique beauty salon that truly values customer wellness. With high-quality vegan and innovative products, Elite Beauty Bar is passionate about creating lasting results that help rejuvenate hair, nails, and skin.

With a passion for learning and constantly innovating her business, Gisella is constantly teaching herself about the current trends of the beauty industry and earning certifications to perform different procedures. Because of her hard work and dedication, Elite Beauty Bar now offers services including hair styling, makeup, brow lamination, lash lifts, lip blushes, derma lip blushes, semi-permanent foundations, hyaluron pen lip fillers, hyaluron pen fat dissolving, fibroblast, collagen rejuvenation therapy, mesotherapy, and tattoo lightening. While Elite Beauty Bar is already a full-service salon, Gisella is still continuing to create additional services in order to truly create a one-stop beauty shop. Her lifelong passion for beauty truly shines through in her natural talent for performing these procedures.

“The road to success is a long one,” says Gisella. “It’s not something that can be achieved overnight… Everyone defines success in a different way, but right now, success means doing something that makes me happy. And so I am really committed to taking these classes and making small and big achievements that will help me professionally, spiritually, and mentally.”

While Gisella certainly works hard to achieve such impressive accomplishments with Elite Beauty Bar, she is also eternally grateful for her team’s help and support. The tight-knit “work family” strives for consistently impeccable customer service as the team helps clients look and feel their best. With this uplifting and welcoming energy, Elite Beauty Bar is an absolute must for beauty gurus and self care enthusiasts in the Pasadena area.

In addition to its passion for helping people, Elite Beauty Bar also makes sure to highlight its priority for helping the Earth as well. With natural and innovative vegan products with no chemicals, the beauty bar proudly shares its tagline “luxury with a heart.” Each paraben-free, cruelty-free product allows clients to indulge in the rich formulas that leave hair, skin, and nails glowing and healthier than ever.

Because each product aims to beautify from the inside out by improving health and resilience, Gisella is an enthusiastic supporter of natural beauty. Often gravitating toward timeless and effortless looks, Gisella loves using beauty products and procedures that make skin look clear with or without additional makeup. She hopes to use her beauty bar to show clients that they are

already beautiful in ways that can never be taken away from them– the only truly necessary additions to their beauty routine are just a bit of self care, good energy, and confidence!

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