Amanda Seyfried Pays Homage to Cher Horowitz in Plaid Set on ‘Good Morning America’


Amanda Seyfried, known for her role in Mean Girls, made a stylish appearance on ‘Good Morning America’ on Tuesday, May 30. Coincidentally, it was also the day that Elizabeth Holmes, the real-life inspiration for Seyfried’s character in the upcoming film ‘The Dropout,’ reported to prison. While discussing her new thriller ‘The Crowded Room’ alongside Tom Holland, Seyfried channeled her inner Cher Horowitz by rocking a Clueless-inspired plaid set that took us back to the fashion-forward 1990s.

A Nod to Cher Horowitz:

Seyfried embraced the iconic style of Cher Horowitz, portrayed by Alicia Silverstone in the cult classic film ‘Clueless.’ She sported a lime plaid set from the brand Smythe, paying homage to Cher’s yellow plaid mini skirt and matching blazer. The actress opted for pleated shorts, priced at $425, paired with a perfectly fitted twin blazer, priced at $825. The blazer featured a cinching closure with a large red button, adding a touch of sophistication to the ensemble.

The Perfect Styling:

To complete the Clueless-esque look, Seyfried wore a simple black tank top underneath the blazer, creating a sleek and effortless aesthetic. She complemented the plaid pattern of the outfit with dark patent pumps, adding a touch of refinement. Seyfried’s attention to detail in capturing Cher Horowitz’s iconic style demonstrated her commitment to paying tribute to the character and capturing the essence of 1990s fashion.

Fashion Inspiration from the 1990s:

The 1990s were a pivotal decade for fashion, characterized by bold and experimental styles that continue to influence current trends. Cher Horowitz, with her preppy and stylish ensembles, became an enduring symbol of 1990s fashion. Seyfried’s choice to channel Cher’s fashion sense not only pays tribute to a beloved character but also serves as a reminder of the impact of 1990s fashion on contemporary style.

Smythe’s Modern Interpretation:

Smythe, the brand behind Seyfried’s plaid set, has modernized the classic plaid pattern, giving it a fresh and contemporary twist. The lime plaid design adds a vibrant pop of color to the ensemble, creating a visually striking look. The tailored fit of the blazer and the pleated shorts provide a modern silhouette that enhances Seyfried’s elegance and sophistication.

Fashion as an Expression:

Through her Clueless-inspired outfit, Seyfried showcased the power of fashion as a means of self-expression. Just as Cher Horowitz used fashion to assert her individuality and make a statement, Seyfried’s choice to channel this character demonstrates her own unique style and personality. Fashion has the ability to transcend time and become a form of art that allows individuals to express themselves authentically.


Amanda Seyfried’s appearance on ‘Good Morning America’ not only served as a platform to promote her upcoming film but also became a nostalgic fashion moment. By donning a plaid set reminiscent of Cher Horowitz’s iconic style, Seyfried paid homage to the beloved character and captured the essence of 1990s fashion. Her attention to detail and choice of Smythe’s modern interpretation showcased her own individual style while embracing the impact of fashion as a form of self-expression. Seyfried’s Clueless-esque look served as a reminder of the enduring influence of 1990s fashion and its ability to captivate audiences.

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