Supermodel Jasmine Sanders Discusses Her Career Objectives And Tips For Up-And-Coming Models

SUPERMODEL JASMINE SANDERS (@GOLDENBARBIE) HAS BECOME ONE OF THE WORLD’S MOST RENOWNED MODELS, GRACING CAMPAIGNS FOR ICONIC LABELS FROM TOMMY HILFIGER TO FENDI AND LANDING THE COVETED TITLE AS A SPORTS ILLUSTRATED MODEL. We speak with the part-time Miami-based beauty, who looks back on her modelling career, shares her goals for the new year, and offers advice to the next generation of models.

What are some of your objectives for 2023 as we approach the new year?

Of course, like most people, I want to be a better version of myself than I was the previous year. I think 2022 was a moment of learning for me, and I’m attempting to increase my attention to self-care by taking more holidays, enjoying my travels more, and generally living a softer existence. Prior until this, I would fly in and out of these incredible places when I travelled for work. Now, I always keep in mind that I need to look after myself and also explore my surroundings, possibly prolong my vacation by a day and enjoy a delicious meal and some wine, as well as discover the city I’m in. I also make sure to meditate every day, attend to therapy once a week, and like going to church and the farmers market on Sundays. In this way, I can feel and have the best energy possible when I’m on set. Making the most of each day is vital in my opinion.

Is there anything you’re particularly looking forward to this year?

After the epidemic, I am working a lot more again, for which I am quite grateful. I feel incredibly fortunate and happy to be able to pursue my passion. Of course, my experience working with Sports Illustrated has been a major career highlight, and I’m eager to collaborate with them once more this year and make it two wins in a row. The same is true for this [Ocean Drive] cover; seeing my prior cover go public was quite exhilarating for me. And to do it once more with such a legend as Tyson [Beckford] is the cherry on top of my professional career. My sister had the biggest crush on Tyson and had a poster of him on her wall (she’s going to kill me for admitting this!). I feel like Tyson is the male model that every girl ogles over. But to be able to share the cover with him now—even though we’ve been friends for a long time but have never had the opportunity to collaborate in this way—is just so incredible.

What does a typical day in your life entail?

In general, whether I’m in Los Angeles or here in Miami with Anthony [Rhoades], or travelling all around, I simply have to start my day by having a minute to myself. I have to set aside that time for myself each morning to simply assess where I am in life, do a daily check-in, and express my thanks for being given another day. If I can, I try to fit in some time for meditation before carefully checking my phone and calling my loved ones. Regardless of the circumstances, I always check in with my mother. I start my day after that. I enjoy using my essential oils while taking a hot, steamy shower. After that, I apply my under-eye patches and apply face serum before beginning any makeup.

I follow a similar regimen and watch some Netflix when I unwind at night. Before a 10-hour flight, I’m the girl who downloads all of her television shows and movies. I could honestly leave my phone at home if I could only bring two items on a trip: my iPad and headphones.

What appeals to you about Miami?

What is there not to love, oh my god? I get out of bed and go to the balcony. And we are so fortunate to experience this insane vista. There are always people out and about, enjoying life, visiting the park, working out, or going to the beach since so many people here make the most of where they live. Being in the same time zone as New York allows you to feel like you’re on vacation while yet getting things done quickly, which is something I particularly adore about this place. Even though you have such a busy schedule, it’s important to maintain your drive and motivation while also allowing yourself enough grace to live a soft life and enjoy soft moments throughout the day.

Who have some of your biggest career inspirations been? Also, personally?

Without a doubt, my mother, not just because she is my mother but also because she has had such a significant impact on my professional life. When I first started modelling at age 13, she was there to mentor me and teach me everything I needed to know. My mother, who has worked as a makeup artist all my life, is the reason I have such a passion for skincare and beauty. I frequently use her advice, especially when I’m on set. I always bring all of my skincare for flights, and I keep myself hydrated by wearing a face mask and eye serum. She also taught me the value of having a set bag; I always carry everything I might need, including my own shoes and underwear in case the crew doesn’t have what I need on set. In addition, I need foundation, concealer, and hair products that work for my hair texture, in case they don’t offer shades that work for my skin tone. The best advice I can give a lady is to bring her own products if she feels uncomfortable with her skin or hair on set. Feeling comfortable in front of the camera is crucial, and you won’t feel that way if you’re self-conscious about how you appear.
I was really inspired by legendary models like Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell when I first started out as a model. When I entered the room with them, they were so kind, honest, and supporting that they immediately made me feel at ease. I looked up to these women, and I will always be thankful to them for not just opening doors for me but also for being so encouraging. I try my best to transfer that enthusiasm, love, support, and hype to the newer models who are currently breaking through. Helping the upcoming generation of models through Sports Illustrated’s mentorship programme has been incredibly satisfying. Sometimes being a hype girl is the finest thing you can do!

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