The Simple Way to Accept Gray Hair Is with Herringbone Highlights

Graying has never been more fashionable. The past few years have seen us accept the colours nature provided us, including grey and silver, and are no longer something to hide. However, most women would agree that the first silver strands can be a bit of a surprise. Allow us to introduce herringbone highlights if that describes you and you’re seeking for a technique to ease yourself into adjustment.

Herringbone highlights help blend any newly discovered greys with natural tones, and stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Sarah Jessica Parker are adopting the style. Because I enjoy finely blended colour, super colorist Zoe Irwin uses the herringbone highlight technique, which entails applying foils at an angle in a herringbone pattern. Instead of fully obliterating the grey, the goal is to seamlessly blend a variety of colours together.

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