Jenna Ortega, a star of Wednesday, discloses that she contracted COVID-19 while filming THIS scene for the show.

Here is how the internet is responding to Jenna Ortega’s admission that she experienced COVID-19 symptoms while filming the famed dance number on the hit Netflix series Wednesday.

The lead actress of Wednesday on Netflix, Jenna Ortega, made a disclosure that has since drawn criticism despite the show earning positive reviews overall. The scene where Ortega’s Wednesday dances, which has also become a TikTok sensation, has been one of the show’s key moments. In a recent interview, the actress explained that she choreographed the routine herself.

The COVID-19 reveal by Jenna Ortega
In an interview with NME, Ortega discussed the show’s well-known dancing scene and stated, “I created the choreography myself!
It should be clear that I’m not a dancer. I just used what I could find after purchasing the song [The Cramps’ 1981 single “Goo Goo Muck”] a week earlier. It’s crazy because it was difficult to film on my first day working with COVID.”

Ortega described her medication regimen in between takes. She stated: “Yes, I woke up with body aches. It’s strange because I seldom ever feel sick, and when I do, it’s not really awful. My oesophagus felt like it had been scratched by a small goblin that had been let loose in my throat after being hit by a car. As we awaited the positive outcome, they were administering me medicine in between takes.”

Ortega’s confession draws criticism
when the actress described the state of her health at the time. For the same, the show has drawn criticism from online users. Many people on social media questioned Ortega’s ability to work while exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. a member of twitter remarked, “This is definitely a really horrible thing. Both she and the filmmakers and producers acted in a risky, immoral, and incredibly self-centered manner. There isn’t a single way to defend an actress who purposefully exposed hundreds of cast and staff to COVID.”

Despite the fact that, according to Just Jared, “proper COVID standards were followed and soon the positive test was confirmed, production withdrew Jenna from set,” Wednesday’s production company MGM claimed as much.

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