Mariah Carey handled her malfunctioning wardrobe during a live performance like a total pro.

When Mariah Carey’s clothing failed during a live performance, her glam staff sprang into action.

Carey gave a performance this week at the Moet & Chandon holiday party in New York City. A chain-link strap on the musician’s black slip dress by Jonathan Simkhai “untethered” during the song, and the entire affair was caught on camera.
Carey was in the middle of a performance when her strap abruptly broke free and dropped to her side. Wilfredo Rosado, a stylist, jumped onto the stage precisely on cue and attempted to reattach the strap. Kristofer Buckle, her makeup artist, and Danielle Priano, her hair stylist, also took the chance to touch up their work.

But the programme had to continue. We need to put this dress together, Carey continued to sing, even changing the phrases.
Carey addressed the wardrobe mishap on her Instagram Story later that evening and said, “My god! We pulled it off even though it came perilously close to becoming a full-blown controversy. This portion broke, or perhaps I should say became unattached, but we were able to get it back and everyone was really professional.

As for her freestyle lyrics, the singer dismissed them, saying, “It is what it was, it’s nothing special. But let me just say this: We succeeded.

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