What transpired and who shone at Tatler’s Little Black Book party?

Last night, the most eligible men and women in Britain arrived at the Windmill club, a venerable Soho landmark illuminated by luscious red light. While it poured outside, there was hedonism inside with champagne, dancing, and (honourable) canoodling interspersed with burlesque shows.

You were the first to hear it here. Never before has being single been so much fun. Emilia Boateng made sure she got the shot outside the club before Lady Gina Hope, who was manning the front door with an iPad, let visitors into the luxurious celebration. She later gushed about her Tatler cover, which is currently for sale, while holding court from a velvet booth. She was bubbly and wearing a giant fluffy coat by Michael Kors. Since he is Bear Grylls’ son and it’s all about Survival Academy style, Jesse Grylls entered the dance floor nearly right away wearing a proudly casual t-shirt and blazer.

Many socialites had to ask Gemma Owen where she got her velvet outfit. She wanted rosé but compromised for champagne. Laurent Perrier and she started discussing about her opulent Tatler shoot and how it had the entire Owen family buzzing. She claimed that after leaving the villa, her relationship with Luca has changed significantly: “It’s been insane!” I’m a homebody at heart, but we’ve been able to get by.

Flora Lindsay danced with her army-boy date, Xander Lland, while attending a party with her siblings Molly and Patrick while wearing a gorgeous velvet blazer that belonged to her “granny.” As they ran into each other on the stairs leading into the celebration, the elegant Marquess of Lorne threw an arm around model The Hon. Delphi Primrose and praised her slicked back haircut. Later, she chatted on the couch with Samuel Aitkin, an attractive young man wearing a low-cut V-neck sweater. Alongside him, Lady Amelia Spencer, her sister Lady Eliza Spencer, and her fiancé Greg Mallet spun on the dance floor.

At the bar, where Angus Lineker gushed about how gorgeous all the females were, Casamigos margaritas were wildly popular. India Hicks, the star of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story The Flag twins encouraged the artists with champagne bottles while Ria Amarteifio shined on the dance floor. Zita d’Hautville, the current It girl in Paris, held court in the smoking area while crafting humorous Instagram posts and pleading with other socialites not to steal her ideas. Her seductive French accent cut through the rain. The new “It” drink in town, MOTH canned cocktails, were a favourite of Rina Lipa’s. Meanwhile, Charles Aithrie could be spotted savouring Estrella Damm.
The last dancer was Lady Margarita Armstrong-Jones, who spun about in a fur cloak that resembled the one her great-grandmother Princess Margaret wore when she was younger. Then it was headed to numerous rumoured afterparties. However, what occurs at the afterparty remains there.

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